Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, We're Pregnant!!

So, the news is out....We are expecting our first child. We think due in March, but we will update when we see the Dr.

Here is the story of how we found out we are pregnant.

We had just returned from our vacation in MN to see my family. We left MN on Monday July 6th (The day my cycle was due) and returned to KY Tuesday morning at about 1:30am. We crashed and thought nothing of it. Wednesday was my dad's birthday called and chat and nothing new. Thursday 7/9 my breasts started to hurt. Then I had my birthday Friday 7/10 with sore breasts. My breasts hurt all weekend which finally made me start to think something was up. So Monday 7/13 I was 7 days late so I took an electronic home pregnancy test @ 6:10 am. The instructions said it could take 3 minutes so Don was still laying in bed. Due to his sleepiness he missed all the excitement when in less than a minute the test came back pregnant.

That first day of knowing was a bit of a blur. So much to do.....I called to make my MD visit. I see the Dr 7/31. We were still keeping this a secret for the time due to it being so new, but I could hardly contain myself. It was so funny trying to talk in code and be all secretive at work with all these things to do. See future post on how we told my parents but all of the set up was done that first day.

So first day of knowing was a storm of emotion. I was so scared & excited. I was glad we kept the news to ourselves (mostly) at least for that day due to it being so new. It was fun to just experience all those emotions but it was also exhausting. (Sorry guys I know you have the emotional range of a teaspoon so you won't totally get that concept).

So now the news is out. Watch for future updates.

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  1. "We're pregnant."
    At this point, I appear to be more pregnant than you. Let's call this "preemptive sympathy weight." :)